Why You Should Help
Your donation can help get families out of violent situations.

Save the lives of the mothers and rescue the children from a life of crime, more pain and more abuse.

With the money we raise, we will support the shelters that take the families in when they have no other safe place to go. 

The money buys clothing and food for these families while they are getting their lives back. The women and children need medical attention, counseling and effective legal assistance to keep their families out of the hands of their abusers. 

Your donation will help us rescue a family from the life you just read about.

"An information highway for victims of domestic abuse."™ 
All donations go to help victims of domestic abuse. Write us,we would love to hear from you. Please mail all letters to: Darlene Greene c/o IMGF/FMS 4116 S. Carrier Parkway #280 Grand Prairie TX 75052
For information on seminars in your area or if you would like a copy of our safety plan please email us:
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The information contained on this website is for information and educational purposes only and do not constitute legal or medical advice.  We are not doctors, lawyers or law enforcement.   Please do not use the information you read here as a replacement for either.  Do not rely solely on what you read here to determine how you will leave your abuser. Contact a shelter, police, or victims’ service organization for help with safety planning and more information on how to leave an abusive relationship.