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Welcome to the  Ina Mae Greene Foundation - For My Sisters website.  We are a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to help victims of domestic abuse.  5.3 million women a year in the United States are abused by a person who is suppose to love them. We want to give women hope by giving them information and assistance where they need it. We will offer information about local shelters, police, legal assistance, medical, along with where to find counseling for adults and children. We offer as much information as we can so that victims in need can claim back their life and the lives of their children. We are not a shelter or legal service, we are women who have been abused and we know what it is like to feel scared, lost and alone.  We will act as a go between, if needed, between the victim, her church, the police department and her family. We are here to help the victims and their family as long as they need us!
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The information contained on this website is for information and educational purposes only and do not constitute legal or medical advice.  We are not doctors, lawyers or law enforcement.   Please do not use the information you read here as a replacement for either.  Do not rely solely on what you read here to determine how you will leave your abuser. Contact a shelter, police, or victims’ service organization for help with safety planning and more information on how to leave an abusive relationship.  
Resources for Domestic Violence Victims 
During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Orders

Finding help and resources for domestic violence victims is more important now than ever. 

Shelter-in-place, lockdown, and isolation orders raise fears and concerns for victims of domestic violence and child abuse—where the greatest danger is often in the home.
If you’re a victim or know someone who is, domestic violence organizations are encouraging victims to seek help. Victims of domestic violence face more social isolation in general. Abusers have more tactics at their disposal when victims can’t get away from home.

Finding Online Help
Even with schools, restaurants, and venues closing down, many domestic violence (DV) organizations, hotlines, and shelters are still willing to help. Victims can also seek help from the courts, law enforcement, and emergency services. Our resource information is still available for your use. Click here to find services in Texas.

Domestic Violence Organizations and Shelters
Social distancing requirements and shelter-in-place orders make it even more difficult for domestic violence victims to seek help. Many shelters are working hard to remain open, and many DV organizations are taking calls and emails. Contact them if you need help.

DV organizations are also working to develop new strategies to support victims during the Coronavirus public emergency, including offering hotline services via online chat or texting in case victims cannot call with an abuser at home.

Below are links to DV organizations with information on how to stay safe during the Coronavirus outbreak:

1-800-799-7233 OR 1-800-787-3244 (TTY)