"An information highway for victims of domestic abuse."™ 
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.– 702-828-3111
Domestic Violence Detail – 702-828-4451
Northwest Area Command – 702-633-1017

Legal Assistance
Clark County District Attorney – 702-455-4761
Las Vegas Attorney General – 702-486-3777

Lawyer Referral Service
Las Vegas Lawyer Referral Service – 702-382-0504
All America and Las Vegas – 800-976-7204
State Bar of Nevada – 702-382-2200

Medical / Mental Assistance
Nevada Dept. of Health & Human Services – 702-486-5000
Children's Medical Assistance – 702-823-4954
Nevada Division of Mental Health – 702-486-6400

Safe Nest – 702-646-4981
S.A.F.E. House – 702-564-3227
The Shade Tree – 702-385-0072
Temporary Assistance for Domestic Crisis, Inc. – 702-646-4891
Salvation Army 24 hour Hotline – 702-639-0277

Valley View Family Counseling – 702-320-3180
Center for Compassionate Care – 702-796-3167
Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada – 702-369-8700
Clearview Counseling & Wellness Center – 702-254-4883
Family & Child Treatment – 702-258-5855

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