Marketing Services
Executique offers a variety of marketing services that we can cater to your particular needs.  We have developed a step by step process to help "spread the word" and quickly create awareness of your organization.  In addition, we take an integrated marketing approach to our services by not just focusing on the traditional marketing practices, but also new age internet marketing and advertising trends.
Our Marketing Services Include:
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution: Press releases are no longer geared towards only attracting members of the media. Press releases can now be a valuable internet marketing tool by also reaching your buyers and gaining additional web exposure.
  • Newsletter Campaign Development: Newsletters can act as a method of updating your customer base on your current business happenings, promotions and events. 
  • Sales/Media Kit Creation: A professional created Sales/Media Kit can take your company to the next level in terms of integrating a professional brand image with a “go-getter” sales and communication strategy. 
  • Branding: Developing a logo and tagline is only the beginning of building your brand. Whether through traditional or internet marketing means, a well-thought branding strategy will seamlessly integrate all elements of your marketing efforts (online advertising, print advertising, postcards, stationary, flyers and brochures etc.) into one cohesive brand image. 
  • Article Writing and Distribution: Writing articles for your company is a great way to build your presence as an expert source throughout your industry. Blasting these articles out to websites, directories and news outlets will increase link backs to your website and increase traffic. 
  • Pay Per Click AdWords Setup: Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of online advertising in which you will pay your host for the number of clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertising is a great way to increase your visibility in top search engines such as Google. 
If the above marketing initiatives seem like a lot to put on a small business owners plate, that’s because it is! Let our professional team and marketing creativity lead your small business to solutions, which ultimately leads you to increased sales, business growth and profitable results. 
Our dedication to the most complex challenges proves that our expertise in small business marketing is amongst the best in the industry.